Kehriä / Spindle whorls

Värttinänkehriä / Spindle whorls

Tänä syksynä sain järjestettyä itseni pitkästä aikaa työväenopiston kurssille. Olen Espoon työväenopistossa Krista Vajannon ja Maikki Kariston vetämällä Villaa ja värttinöitä-kurssilla, jossa opetellaan tekemään oma värttinä ja kehräämään sillä (harvinaisen hyvin primitiivisen lampaan villaa). Kaksi kurssikertaa on takana ja aivan mahtavan kiinnostavaa on!

Tänään tehtiin värttinänkehriä. Jokaiselle annettiin kilo savea, joten niitä tuli aika paljon. Tein 25 kehrää, eli valinnanvaraa kehruuvälineissä on jos taidot riittävät.

ps. Kurssi saattaa pyöriä kevätlukukaudellakin, joten kiinnostuneiden kannattaa olla tarkkaavaisia!


This fall I signed up for a course at night school on how to spin with a drop spindle. Espoo city night school / worker’s institute (a lovely finnish concept, sounds weird when translated) has this wonderful set of courses in Iron Age crafts. The course is taught by Maikki Karisto and Krista Vajanto.

We’ll learn how to spin and make our own spindles as well as how to process raw wool (and as an extra bonus get to work on wool from a very rare primitive sheep). I’ve been to two classes and they’ve been superbly interesting. Today we made spindle whorls. We got a kilo of clay each – I ended up making 25. At least I have a lot to choose from.

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  1. Näyttääpä hyvältä! Kiitos vinkistä kevätlukukauden suhteen, ties vaikka silloin ehtisikin mukaan.

  2. Ai vitsi mikä ihana kurssi. Ei olis pitänyt lukea tuota linkittämääsi esitettä niin olis voinut edes yrittää huijata itseään, et tuon kurssin täytyy olla tooosi booring hommaa.

  3. Wow, I wish a local school offered Iron Age crafts!! I guess I will just have to live vicariously through your blog posts.

    1. I feel really privileged! And from what I hear, they will have a warp weighted loom class next spring (!!!) – I really hope I can fit that into my schedule… at least I am not running out of things to blog about.

      1. How is your spinning going? Baroness Agata has just suggested I contact you. I have my Spider (mka journeyman) level in the Company of the Silver Spindle (Atlantia) but now live in Hirvenkylä where I’m working on my Norn (mka mater) level. I’m also a member of the Finnish Spinning guild.
        Yremgard (mka Susanne)

        1. Welcome to Aarnimetsä then! Well, I am a developing spinner. My thread is still a bit clumpy (much due to my beginner skills in carding I guess) but it is developing – although as my husband says: ”Does spinning really require you to swear so much?” it would be great to meet up with other, more experienced spinners. If you need any tips on where to get materials etc, do let me know, I can tip you off.

          1. Thank you for your reply. I look forward to meeting you eventually.Sorry for my delay in responding – I didn’t find your reply til today. Beginner yarn is beginner yarn, your yarn will improve the more you practice. It took me about a year, and then three more to settle into almost consistent spinning. You might try playing with hatuvalanka, so all you need to focus on is the amount of twist to hold the developing yarn together. Magdalen and Kaukis have tried that. My first attempt at getting my journeyman (spider) was rejecyed -not enough and too lumpy. A year later, after many rejected skeins of yarn I finally got it. It only required 9 skeins of yarn, one finished project and one skein dyed with natural dye. Next is getting my master spinner (Norn). Supplies I have! I have enough supplies to be able to spin all day, every day for 7 years and still have supplies!


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