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Neulakko is a site devoted to the arts and crafts of the medieval period. I mostly focus on medieval clothing. My main interest is in 14th century clothing and various textile arts, but I’m also interested in a wide variety of medieval history, everyday things and archaeology.

Neulakko is Finnish for needle case. I originally started Neulakko because there weren’t that many sites on medieval clothing in Finnish. And although it may seem so, not every finn is fluent or comfortable with English. I recently noticed that I have quite some non-finnish readers as well. Because of this, I began providing English versions of my blog posts in spring 2009.

What you will find in Neulakko

The front page is my blog (with texts in English, always underneath the Finnish text)

The blog entries are tagged by theme:
Neulakko is for site updates etc to do with the site
Projektit is for Projects ie. Things I’m making / have made
Kirjat is for posts on books
Linkit is for posts that contain links
Tapahtumat is for events and other interesting occasions
Museot is for museums
Reseptit is for cooking and recipes
Kuvat is for posts containing and on pictures
Teltta is for my tent, encampments and camping
Historianelävöitys is for posts on historical re-enactment
Ohjeet is for instructions and tutorials
Tutkimus is for posts on research

Instructions and articles
It has instructions and tutorials for making your own medieval clothing as well as some articles on medieval clothing. Many are in Finnish, but some in English and some just have enough pictures to be understandable.

Books and Links
The site also houses links and a list of useful books. So far, only a part of my library is listed here. Someday, I’ll have everything listed here. For more links, it’s good to see the Linkit – category in the blog, which is for posts that contain links.

The picture gallery has my collection museum snapshots. You can also browse my gallery of finished projects.

About me

Me at Glims in 2008
Me at Glims in 2008

I’m a medieval enthusiast and a re-enactor. I started out in this hobby in 1995. Medieval re-enactment can seem like a bit of an odd hobby, but it’s a lot of fun! For me it’s a great way of doing something completely different, pursuing my interest in history, being creative and just relaxing.

I’ve taught lots of classes on medieval clothing and crafts (and continue to do so with great gusto – if you are interested in booking me as a teacher, send me an email at neulakko a

However, I’m not a professional historian nor a craftsman.

In real life, my master’s degree is in social sciences and I work with communications and government. I live in Helsinki with my family and two very helpful Cornish rex cats.

I can be reached at: 

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  1. Dear Elina !
    After having the opportunity to meet you in Turku I also took the chance to read your blog.
    I’m really impressed of your exellent work and your enthusiasm in medieval reenactment.
    As promised we will keep you posted about our (m i m’s) events and plans – and we are really looking forward seeing you in the future again.

    Take care .. and all the best !

    Ronnie and Taija
    IG m i m e.V.

  2. I would like to know if you can contact me about a embroidered purse , if you know someone that can make one for me . I am in the mid-to late 14th century period . And do you know were i can found some good linen fabric to make a wimple and veil ?
    Thank you :)

    1. Hi – I will write you an email, I may know someone you can commission a purse from.

      Linen for veils and wimples is often hard to find – the thinner the better. I like – especially when they have that really thin hemp fabric.

  3. Thank you! this is very kind :D

    Do you have a link to ” how to do ” a St Birgitta coif ?

    And wich linen do you use from the medeltidsmode , a more thicker linen , or similar as the one for the veil and wimple ?

  4. Hello :)
    I tried to contact but all the e-mail i sent always back to my mail box with a delivery error message :/
    Do you have an e-mail adress to contact this shop ?
    Do you still have an idea about someone that can make me a purse ? :)
    Thank you so much ;)

    1. Hi! I’ve emailed a person I thought about regarding the purse, We’ll see what she thinks. I’m sorry that you have a hard time reaching medeltidsmode, unfortunately the only email I have for Kerstin is the one on their site. :( I hope the problem is temporary and you could reach her later! Tippet is another store (here in Finland) you should try – they have a thin linen which goes for veils:

  5. Hi :) thank you so much !
    Thank you for the new shop link ;)
    About the pouch i am interested to have one knitted from the ” stitch out of time ” pouch patterns ( if possible of course ), so please let me know what will said the person :)
    You can wrote me directly at my email adress too .

  6. HI i love your work.. I do a much earlier viking period and I’m branching into a finnish style to go with my heritage.. do you have some suggestions for finnish viking references from finland in both english and finnish?
    Also is there any documentation and patters for embroidery that was done by the medieval Fins like the pouch you worked on. I do alot of free hand embrodery but Im now looking for a focus.

    1. Hi Elizabeth!

      What a great way to celebrate your heritage. I’m not super in on all the Finnish Iron Age stuff (which is what the viking period stuff here is called), but Mervi at her blog knows loads and posts in English too. is under reconstruction, but had previously stuff in English and will hopefully have them back online soon. is a cool resource, in finnish but you see the patterns and weaves quite well. Perhaps those links can help you along in you research! Oh and needlebinding and mittens!

      As for the counted thread embroidery, there isn’t much evidence I know of that it would for certain have been done in medieval finland. There is a bit in an antepedium that resembles counted thread embroidery, but that is all I know of. The finds are fairly limited and a lot of stuff has not been published, so it is hard to know of even if it exists.

  7. Paluuviite: Keri M. Peardon
  8. This was an inspiring site as I just recently started taking part in re-enactments. Thank you for the ideas!

  9. Awesome outfits. Medieval times was were I’m sure I must have passed thru. I am taken back with the clothing from simple in style to elegant. Incredible. Blessings to you. Did they make quilts in those days? Was asked to demo for our faire.

  10. hi there!!
    what a very nice blog ! i’ve finallyone found some who share this passion with me!
    thank you for your efforts and keep it up !!
    please do more things about medieval age and why not the victorian era i adore it

  11. Hallo,

    my name is Tom Eckert from Germany. Sorry my english is not so good.
    I will write an article about german Kruseler-figures. For this article I need a Picture. Can I use a Picture from Your Homepage where the starched frilled veil is shown. The veil look verry beautiful.

    Greatings from Germany

    Tom Eckert

    1. Hi Tom! You can use images on my site for non-commercial purposes as long as you cite the source. So just let your readers know where they are from!


      PS. I’d love to have a chance to read your article, too. Kruselerpuppen are interesting!

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