Pääkallonauha / Rosary with skulls


Olen harvinaisen tympeän flunssan kourissa. Rukousnauha tuntui sopivalta sairaspäivän projektilta, koska se ei vaadi paljoa. Silkkilankaa, korallihelmiä, luurengas ja vinkeitä luisia pikku pääkalloja. Pääkallot ovat ostos Tanskan kansallismuseosta, ne ovat keskiaikaisen  luisen pääkallohelmen kopioita. Aavistuksenomainen memento mori-tematiikka tavallaan sopii rukousnauhaan.

NauhassaHedwig of Andechs on neljä kymmenen helmen dekadia, joita pikkukallot pater-helminä erottavat. Inspiraatio nauhaan tuli tästä p. Hedwigin kuvasta, jossa rukousnauha on kiinnitetty soljella. Se on hyvin elegantti.

Aion ainakin kokeilla käyttää tätä omaani samalla tavalla. Käytännössä sitten näkee, uitanko sen jokaisessa vastaantulevassa soppakulhossa vai takerrunko ovenkahvoihin. Elämme siis jänniä aikoja täällä Neulakossa! (Kunhan tästä flunssasta ensin selvitään.)


I’ve caught an unusually nasty flu. Making a rosary felt like a nice enough project for a day of sick leave, because it doesn’t really require so much. Silk thread, coral beads, a bone ring and these cutesy little skull beads made of bone. The wee boneheads have been bought from Denmarks national museum and are a copy of a medieval example in their collections. I think a hint of memento mori – thematics goes well in a rosary.

The rosary consists of four decades of ten ave-pearls in coral, separated by the skull paters. I was inspired by this picture of st. Hedwig, where the rosary is suspended from a brooch, very elegantly in deed.

I’ll at least try wearing mine in the same way. We’ll see if I will dip it in bowls of soup or catch myself on door handles. The excitement never ends here at Neulakko! (Once I get rid of this flu that is.)


6 Replies to “Pääkallonauha / Rosary with skulls”

  1. I hope you’re not so sick you think you might NEED that rosary!! Feel better!

  2. I love it! The special skull beads have the right effect–they make it look more convincingly period. You will look splendid wearing it with your red gown.

    Get well soon!

    1. Thanks! The little boneheads are cute as buttons, each has a slightly different face. Now I just hope that the silk I used will be durable enough. That is always an issue.

      And working hard on the getting better bit!

  3. Hi Elina! Firstly I love your blog! I’ve just discovered it and it is has given me all sorts of good ideas and inspiration :)

    Can I just ask, do you have a picture of the orginal of the boneheads? I have beads that look very similar but I haven’t seen any extant pictures of ones like them. Or do you know if they are pictured online somewhere?

    Thank you from Australia! (Barony of Politarchopolis, Kingdom of Lochac)

    1. Hi!

      Now I think the originals are at the National Museum in Copenhagen, but I didn’t find a picture of them in my museum pictures. It can be, that they are not on display. The catalog isn’t so specific either when it comes to small items such as these. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you more, but I’m glad you enjoy my blog all the way in Australia!

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