Kirjakisan voittaja / And the book goes to…


Breakfast time in Hollola. Breakfast can be a feast when shared with people that feel like family. Picture by Mervi

Thank you for all the lovely comment entries for the book competition! I think it’s fantastic to see how many of them echo that it is not only a matter of what you eat, but where you eat and with whom. The people you share your table with, the sounds of the camp around you and the smoke from the open fires.

The comments were so lovely that I couldn’t choose, not even with the help of the authors – so we decided to draw a random number. Also, the authors loved your replies so much that they donated another book! So today we have two very lucky winners.

The first book goes to SarahW, who summed up beautifully how porridge can be the best when shared with friends:

“But I think my favourite memories are from our simple porrige and bread breakfasts, when there”™s just us in the group there, in various stages of dress (and indeed wakefulness), planning the day. It has an almost family feel to it that I love.” - SarahW

The second book goes to Maria MiM who created a medieval meal from disgusting sausages and vegetables:

“All the others, mostly Italians, broiled the sausages. We tried too, but we could not eat those salty sticky things, bah. So, what to do? Squeeze all the sausage meat out of the casing, mix it with some bread and spices, roll nice meat balls and cook them with all the vegetables in some kind of stew” -Maria

The winners should email me their mailing addresses at and for everyone else – the postage is still free if you get the cookbook via the publisher (see link below):

The book Saffron, Eggs and Almond Milk ““ The Medievalist”™s Cook Book by Mervi Pasanen, Saara Nironen and Nanna Tuovinen (Softcover, 108 pages) is also is available via the publisher”™s website and international shipping is free!

Win a copy of Saffron, eggs and almond milk – the medievalist’s cook book!


My friends cook book for medievalists – orginally called Sahramia, munia ja mantelimaitoa has just been published in English. I have received a signed copy of that I will pass on to one fortunate reader (one that doesn’t know Finnish).

The book is a delightful compilation of tried and tested medieval recipes that are easy to cook almost anywhere – at home or in your own encampment.

Since the book features food that has been a part of my favourite medieval food experiences, I would like to hear about your favourite food moments!

To enter the competition, leave a comment (and remember to include your email or other contact) and tell me about your favourite medieval food moment! What did you eat, where and why was it special? And if you haven’t had medieval food yet (and you really should, so you need the book) share any other food moment. Enter by monday 28.7, the winner will be announced on 29.7.


The book Saffron, Eggs and Almond Milk – The Medievalist’s Cook Book by Mervi Pasanen, Saara Nironen and Nanna Tuovinen (Softcover, 108 pages) is also is available via the publisher’s website and international shipping is free!