Junakirjontaa / Trains and embroidery


Kirjonnassa on sekin ihana puoli, että se kulkee aika helposti mukana. Sen kanssa voi junailla ja lentääkin, kunhan sakset korvaa lankaleikkurilla.

Tätä kirjontaa on tehty parin vuoden ajan satunnaisesti juuri lomilla ja reissuilla. Nyt sen loppu häämöttää. Enää puolitoista riviä jäljellä. Sitten pääsen kokoamaan pussukkaa!

One great thing about embroidery is the transportability. It’s lightweight and packs well, so it can travel with you on trains and even airplanes, if you pack a thread cutter instead of scissors.

I’ve worked on this piece on and off for about 2 years now, mostly on trips and holidays. Now it’s almost finished, just one and a half rows to go. I might be able to assemble my new purse soon!

For Maria, here is the backside (what they always look like on mine)

Takaosa / The backside of the embroidery

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    1. There you go! I updated it into the post. This is what the backside in mine always looks like. Not perfectly neat enough to be mistaken for the top side, but not that messy either. In this picture you can also see more of the embroidery, which there is quite a lot of. :)

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